A Shining Star

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A Shining Star

By: Molly Foster


About the Book

Marilyn Nichols, a school curriculum consultant, works with teachers to select texts and design programs. Unexpected events escalate and seem to attack her. She wonders if her position as a competent woman with authority angers someone. Her interactions with educators and her knowledge of teaching techniques lace throughout her career tasks, yet she enjoys a rich social life. Readers will glimpse a behind the scenes portrayal of a school environment in A Shining Star.


About the Author

Molly Foster enjoys sports, along with playing classical piano, cooking, and painting. She has worked in education and law.


(2022, hardback, 264 pages)

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 “Review.   A Shining Star gives an inside look into a suburban high school.  The political misogyny and petty jealousies  are behind the scenes in a place we are all familiar with but actually know little about.                           What at first seems benign can actually be dangerous.  Marilyn,  a brilliant curriculum consultant has to negotiate a minefield of mysteries and unsettling events to discover someone wishes her ill.  Well rounded background and peopled with interesting characters this book is absorbing and engaging.  It will keep you guessing until the final reveal.” .    


(No reviews yet) Write a Review