A New Look at the Universe and Why We Are Here

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by Stuart H. McElroy In A New Look at the Universe and Why We Are Here, retired physicist Stuart H. McElroy presents a logical overall, or macro insight into this universe, as he aptly introduces new theories on why the universe exists, whether spontaneous or planned, and on the infinite amount of universal knowledge of which we are unaware. It proposes absolute nothing and its part as black holes and discusses why the earth is suitable for organic life and why non-organic life exists elsewhere in the universe. McElroy also contends that evolution did not exist on earth, but in a non-organic form elsewhere. His viewpoints on predetermination, the demise of the dinosaurs, and the existence of heaven and hell are soundly presented and offer a refreshing perspective on the hows and whys of the universe. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Stuart H. McElroy is a retired government physicist living in Colonial Beach, Virginia. He owns a Western shop as a hobby with his wife, Undine B. McElroy. They have one daughter, Sandra M. Hoyer. Stuarts special interests include macrocosmoslogicalism. He wrote A New Look at the Universe and Why We Are Here to counteract the theory of evolution and the belief that earth should be as perfect as heaven. (2007, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review