A Life Well Wasted: In Seventeen Syllables - eBook

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A Life Well Wasted: In Seventeen Syllables

By: J. L. Gosizk


About the Book

A Life Well Wasted is a collection of haiku and senryu punctuated and contextualized by anecdotes and guided meditations that lead the reader through the experience.

The book comes as a direct result of author J. L. Gosizk’s personal meditative practice as he endeavored to engage more earnestly with Zen, process a series of devastating losses, and cope with the crushing weight of modern life.

If anything in the book could be called unique, it would certainly be the tone. A juxtaposing perspective. A sardonic eye trying to see life in a kinder light. From the conversational and occasionally lecture-like introductions, to the raw and heartfelt expressions of love and grief.

Read A Life Well Wasted and share in his laughs, tears, and closure.

About the Author

J. L. Gosizk is a proud and loving husband, a brother to two, and a cousin to too many. He is an avid reader and voracious music listener, and he has an expired plumber’s license and an expansive list of forklift certifications. And surely that counts for something. Right? When not wandering the parks of New Jersey, J. L. can often be found lamenting his apartment’s “no dogs” policy.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review