A Good Life

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by Ali Zentner Dr. Eve Solomon is resident in Intensive Care Medicine at the Princess Margaret Hospital. More importantly, she is a woman marking time. She has two years until she can trade her 1972 Plymouth Valiant for a real car and two years until her residency is complete. Then she can begin her own life with her own practice, making good money that will put her medical school debts behind her. Although she thrives on a challenge both personally and professionally, she questions her career motives and degree of fulfillment. When she finds herself also questioning her fidelity to her loving husband she wonders what it is she is searching for. Join in Eves daily work concerns as the real life dramas experienced in her typical day at the office play out in her personal life as well. As if the colorful groups of co-workers and patients at the hospital arent adding enough chaos, Eves dysfunctional family members always seem to be weighing heavy on her mind. This universal theme, a modern womans search for her soul and her journey for redemption, is explored and resolved, at least for the time being, in this colorful story. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ali Zentner was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and holds a medical doctorate and specialty license in internal medicine. She lives in Southern Alberta with her husband Jason where she continues to work as a physician. Although New York is her favorite city she has never met anyone remotely like Eve Solomon. A Good Life is her first work of fiction. (2003, paperback, 188 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review