A Color Blind Beauty

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A Color Blind Beauty

By: The Families

About the Book

What would be of humanity if she does not know flowers whilst love remains the answer to our living world of understanding? A Color Blind Beauty is a romance novel that profoundly speaks of why our difference should be our strength as it allows us a brilliant perception towards race, religion, gender equality, politics, and nationality.


Mr. Wade was born to an Irish American mother and African father. His wellness signifies love above hate, and he is lucky to have found a colorblind beauty for a sweetheart. She works as an event organizer with the State Government of Illinois, where she hails from, while he starts as an unknown writer. It is the supreme power of love against all forms of challenge. Their love story will remind the world and her people about the importance of such unions. Take the journey and unfold the mystery of this wonderful novel.


About the Author

The author is a brilliant mind who has also written a self-help book known as The Winning Ways to Life. The author is a Nigerian by birth and a biracial father who believes that no man or woman was born poor or rich, for they are made of love. His rich and collective experience of living in three different continents explains why the author believes the world should be seen as a rainbow of butterflies whilst love remains a freedom ride. He wants people of brilliant minds to come read with him, and let’s speak the language of love.

(2021, paperback, 282 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review