A Book of Miracles: The Autobiography of Beverly Young Jones

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A Book of Miracles: The Autobiography of Beverly Young Jones

By: Beverly Young Jones


About the Book

A Book of Miracles shares an account of the life of Beverly Young Jones. It goes from lighthearted to completely riveting as Jones shares the many experiences God has carried her through. As she looks back over many perilous times and many dangerous situations, only God alone miraculously brought Jones through them.

As a young Christian, Jones sometimes doubted the existence of God, in that she felt so alone in the most terrible situations, but as she grew older, God let Jones know without a shadow of a doubt that He exists and He goes ahead of all, preparing the way. Jones hopes many Christian readers will know with surety that God exists after sharing these short stories.

About the Author

Beverly Young Jones attended Norfolk State University to study art and returned later to study elementary education. She worked for the Norfolk Public School System for 17 years, until she retired.

In her leisure time when she is not babysitting her grandchildren, Jones enjoys painting portraits of family members, especially her grandchildren.


(2023, paperback, 102 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review