14 Entertaining Short Stories

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14 Entertaining Short Stories
by Roger E. E. Barki

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyones story may be your own story as well.

In 14 Entertaining Short Stories, Roger E. E. Barki recounts his personal experiences as a professional, a family man, and as a typical human being. It features a compilation of storiesrendering humorous, scientific, imaginative, horrifying, idealistic, and heartfelt chroniclesall packaged in one.

One perhaps has been bothered by a premonition in his or her life before, or one could have possibly been a bridge to reunite two lost souls in the name of love, or one could have inspired so many, that in return, he or she have been enthused by them as well.

All of us, though we live in different ways of life, through space and time, might share the same occurrences once, twicewho knows.

About the Author

Born in France and raised in Egypt, Roger E. E. Barki is now a naturalized citizen of Brazil. He has lived in Sao Paulo for over fifty years, and he is the owner of a language school. Roger and his wife, Mireille, have three children: Josy, Lisa, and Edgard. In his spare time, Roger enjoys tennis, chess, and volunteer work with teenagers who are looking to enter the business market. He is the author of other published works: Guia Completo do Funcionamento de uma Empresa and Como Dirigir uma Empresa

(2010, paperback, 64 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review