Three Swords for Berewyk

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Three Swords for Berewyk

Three Swords for Berewyk

By: Frank Landreth


About the Book

New heir to the realm Franc must overthrow the evil Cob and liberate his suffering people from her despotic schemes. Written in the classic style of gallantry and knighthood, Frank Landreth’s novel aims to immerse the youth, and the young at heart, in adventure. The author hopes that the reader will take away from his stirring Three Swords for Berewyk, the realization that adventure is all around, ready for us to explore.


About the Author

Frank Landreth lives in a small tight-knit community where he is a youth leader in his church. In the past he was a middle school tennis coach, and he still gives private lessons. He comes from a large family. He has two fabulous children and two wonderful granddaughters. Frank Landreth’s hobbies are reading, traveling, and biking. He used to play collegiate volleyball at the University of Alabama and once spent four years out West exploring for coal, oil shale and tar sand.


(2020, Paperback, 252 Pages)


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