The Three Roses

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The Three Roses
by Richard Vance

In The Three Roses, Richard Vance presents two short stories. Both are about love, both are magical, but one is fictional, and the other is drawn from the authors life. The first story, also titled The Three Roses follows Bill Gordon, a successful New York City businessman who has everything he wants in life, except a loving wife. Then he meets beautiful, strong Jennifer Harris, who embodies all he wished for in a woman. Though they fall deeply in love, she continues to refuse his marriage proposals. Bill soon discovers that sometimes even the most levelheaded people need to believe in magic to make their fondest dreams come true.

In First Born, Vance tells a different kind of love story. He tenderly recounts the early years of his marriage, which stood the test of time, and the birth of his first child. Together, these stories paint a picture of love that is truly magical.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review