Eagles Flying Blind

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Eagles Flying Blind
by Dr. William Thomas Drennen A tense, action-packed multi-dimensional story, Eagles Flying Blind follows the acceleration of world political crises at the beginning of the year 2001 from the perspective of an initially conservative young psychologist, Thomas Patrick OReilly. His godfather abruptly appears at Thomass office and urges him to go on a Vision Quest to bring about world peace. We follow the transformation of Thomas, who is doubtful and somewhat reluctant at first to pursue this dreamlike mission. Gradually, as his heart and mind become more receptive to inner and outer spiritual guides, he encounters and bonds with many others on this path. However, opposing forces and characters emerge as well, with subsequent confrontations for him, other peace seekers, and the very existence of life upon Mother Earth. Humanity is caught up in a vicious cycle of terror and conflict in the wake of 9/11. The novelist juxtaposes an interaction of spiritual, metaphysical, science-fictional, and romantic characters intertwined with some of the ongoing world events of the times, leading to a dramatic conclusion. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: William Thomas Drennen, Ph.D., is a retired professor emeritus of clinical psychology of the University of South Carolina. Still a part-time therapist, his focus is now on transpersonal/spiritual psychology and world peace. He also conducts dream workshops, empowering participants to explore their inner creative dream worlds as related to their everyday world of events. This is his second novel. (2004, paperback, 180 pages)