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Whitticka: Escape Into Fantasy

By Carrie LA Miller


Francis’s life seems normal and perfect on the outside, successful and best-selling author, beach house in the Florida Keys, supportive friends, but there is an overwhelming darkness inside her, secrets she keeps buried deep inside that threaten to ruin her. 

Just when she thinks life will continue the way it is, a mysterious man in a club, a threatening stranger, and a kind man on a plane begin to make her life a little more exciting, perhaps a little too exciting, as they whisk her away through a portal to Whitticka, a world of her own creation from her novels. She finds the world in dire need of her help, as people, plants, and places begin to disappear, and a dark warlock has started taking over the land. Will non-magical Francis be able to help heal the land of its darkness? Or will she and Whitticka succumb and lose everything?


About the Author

Carrie LA. Miller is the proud mother to one daughter, Kailey, and wife to her supportive husband Rodney. Miller’s love of reading began with her mother and now-deceased father when she was very young. As she grew older, she explored writing and was encouraged by her high school teacher Mrs. Furtaw to explore her creativity. In college, a professor encouraged her to switch to a more academic field than business to expand on her writing, but she did not listen. Now, with the support of her family, she is making her publishing dreams come true. 


(2022, hardbound, 242 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review