Victory of the People: A Delusional Memoir

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Victory of the People: A Delusional Memoir

By: Christine Anne Giovannelli


About the Book

A passionate young lawyer, committed to her advocacy for animal rights, begins to suspect the US government is monitoring her movements, her communications, and has invaded her private life. When Edward Snowden’s revelations about PRISM and the NSA become widely known, Christine Anne Giovannelli is convinced that she has become one of their targets. Her passion becomes an obsession, which leads to serious trouble in her work and family life. Her husband and members of her family believe she has mental problems, which leads to a separation in her marriage and her daughter being taken away from her. After several commitments to the hospital’s mental ward, a physical cause for her behavior is discovered. The issue is addressed, but in a twist at the end it’s unclear if that really was the only problem Christine has to face in her life.



About the Author

Christine Anne Giovannelli started her writing journey at Northern Illinois University where she wrote for the Northern Star. There she was able to interview her favorite band “They Might Be Giants.” Today she and her daughter both enjoy rocking out to the band with their puppy Twig.”


(2022, paperback, 162 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review