Victims of Circumstance: A Young Man's Journey to Redemption - eBook

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Victims of Circumstance: A Young Man's Journey to Redemption

By: Frank A. Rossi


About the Book

Victims of Circumstance tells the true story of Nick Harris and his infamous father, Richard (Ricky) Matt. Nick, a victim of drug addiction, resides with his disabled mother, Vee Harris. Having met Ricky when they were teens, Vee’s life has never been easy. Their toxic relationship lead to Nick’s birth. Ricky, while caring for his son in his own way, used his anger toward the world to destroy any semblance of a normal family life they could have had. After Ricky’s arrest for murder and eventual escape, Nick and Vee are forced to relive their past as they watch his manhunt and death play out on twenty-four-hour news cycles. Nick will need to reconcile with his past and find redemption, in order to move on with his future.  


About the Author

Frank A. Rossi holds a BA in Economics from Colgate University where he also played four years of varsity football. After two tryouts in the NFL, he moved to New York City to become a banker. In 1985 he began his acting career and can be seen in White Men Can’t Jump, Blue Chips, The Criminal Mind, and most recently, Confession, Assault on VA-33, and G.O.D. He has also guest-starred on Miami Vice, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, etc. Rossi has two acting schools in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Having taught over two thousand kids and adults acting over the past twenty years in the WNY area. He is also a feature film casting director and is currently casting his sixth and seventh features in Buffalo, both films coming in from LA. Frank has also written three screenplays.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review