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by Kak Akstock


I first saw Charna Galt, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, when she hurried into the adult bookstore I was already inside. She was obviously hiding from someone, but as she hid, a roomful of lecherous eyes tripped her exhibitionism switch. I abetted those eyes, and her libido, by chugging further down that spur with her.


At that first most-memorable sexual experience, she was an eighteen-year-old high school senior and I was a Marine vet with two Vietnam tours on my resume, ten years older. Despite the age gap and snags placed by families, the Mafia, the police, societal norms, sexual fantasies, and my best friend and roommate, Richard Feynman, who also fell in love with Charna, we unsnagged.


The love and sex made the action and conflict involved in the unsnagging worth the effort.     


(2022, paperback, 374 pages)                       


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review