Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories - eBook

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Uncommonly Told Children's Bible Stories

By: G. B. Glory


About the Book

Uncommonly Told Children’s Bible Stories are those stories from the Bible that are often overlooked or forgotten. There are stories of friendship, God's big displays of power, and his small, personal acts of love.

These stories include lessons of God's power and friendship with many examples and life applications straight from the Bible that are always relevant for people with Christian values. Read and enjoy these Bible stories with your children, and remember the importance of following Christ, loving others, and loving yourself.

About the Author

G. B. Glory has volunteered as a Sunday Bible school teacher and coached a Christian basketball league for children. She has served with the church food ministry and Celebrate Recovery, and she also volunteered in a homeless shelter serving and cooking food.

G. B. enjoys fellowship with women and teaching children God’s word, and she has a heart for children in the foster care system. She attended Biola University, where she studied Bible classes and is a children’s leader at her local Bible Study Fellowship. She is happily married with two small sons, who inspired her to write this book.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review