Two Loves and a Mic: My Story of Perseverance and Faith

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Two Loves and a Mic: My Story of Perseverance and Faith

By: Bobby Powell


About the Book

Two Loves and a Mic: My Story of Perseverance and Faith by Bobby Powell is a true account of the author’s life in love and radio, and everything in between. Mr. Powell narrates exactly how his life has taken him in directions he never thought possible. This is a story of how cancer may take a life, but it can never extinguish the soul or the spirit. This is a story that details how when one door closes, another opens. Dreams may often be dashed, but they can be replaced in other exciting ways.

            Everyone has a story. Change the names and the template is the same. Remain strong, believe in yourself, embrace new opportunities, and keep the faith.

            If we let Him, God will hold us close.


About the Author

Bobby Powell has many passions, including his lifelong love of radio and the Atlanta Braves. Mr. Powell earned his Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts/Broadcasting in 1981 from Georgia Southern University, which led him to an exciting career in radio that has lasted twenty five years.

 He enjoys the beach and taking Caribbean cruises with his wife, Valerie. He has one son, Andrew, a large extended family, and nine grandchildren. Mr. Powell is an avid walker/runner and has completed thirty-two half marathons in sixteen states and Washington DC. He is a member of Porterfield United Methodist Church where he sings in the church choir.

(2022, hardback,212 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review