The Witch and the Priest of Lies

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The Witch and the Priest of Lies

By: John Baldwin Large

About the Book

In a quiet, old New England town, a Native American holy site becomes the home for a satanic ritual. But when things go horribly wrong, worshippers are butchered, and an inexplicable horror is unleashed on the town.

                                High school psychologist Julie Bernard witnesses the whole event in her dreams. Unsure of what she saw and even more confused as to why she witnessed it, Julie is thrown into an ancient struggle between good and evil. As she works to uncover the truth about the night’s events, she uncovers more secrets about the town and her own life than she could have possibly imagined.

About the Author

John Baldwin Large is a professional musician and singer/songwriter with the band Emily Rising. He also serves as a chaplain. Large lives in Massachusetts with his wife and their two cats.

(2022, Paperback, 362 pages)

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