The Wild Road

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The Wild Road

By: Daryl Smith


About the Book


The Wild Road is about experiences during the times of 1969 and 1970. As a creative nonfiction, the reader can know what it is like to live as a youth during some of the most interesting and active days in American History. With one adventure after another, the reader can enjoy the roller-coaster of life and its surprises along with the author.


About the Author

Daryl Smith enjoys boating, fishing, and travel. He very much enjoys writing, and he belongs to a writer's group. To be able to express himself has been important to him since childhood. His wife has passed away, but he is close to his in-laws and they treat him like blood-kin; Daryl loves them very much.
            Daryl went to a few different colleges. While going back to college, he skipped a year by examination. As a civil engineer, his job was testing roads with travel all over Florida. This suited him perfectly with his past travels.


(2022, hardback, 442 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review