The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes - eBook

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The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes

by Dean O’Quinn

The Soldiers Who Ate Rattlesnakes tells the story of three childhood best friends Gar Anderson, Al Alfreddson, and Kevin Dorey growing up during the Civil War. Over the years, their paths intertwine and diverge as they suffer tragedy, grief, and the inevitable side effects of war, propelling them on journeys across the country to places they never dreamed of seeing. This tapestry of a book weaves together themes of war, friendship, love, sacrifice, and honor.

About the Author

Dean O’Quinn grew up in a small farming and ranching community in central Montana. He has enjoyed a long career as a historian and researcher, working for several museums, as well as being involved as an  Amateur Archaeologist during many historic digs! He still resides in Montana, enjoying the outdoors through camping, fishing, kayaking, and golf.

(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review