The Running Hall: Excerpts 1994-2002

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The Running Hall: Excerpts 1994-2002

By: Keir Teague Watson


About the Book

“It wasn’t that there was something internal or intellectual refraining me from profiteering myself in a conservative mindset. Self progression has a powerful impact on an individual attuned, attuned to the concept of their own existence and independent motion.

Mind to mind, facet to facet, a person’s honesty with themselves is their only differentiation between a life lived and a life endured. All experiences experienced in life form this particular time genre. And to encourage positive fluidity of free thought.”    


About the Author

Keir Watson is a lifetime writer and graphic artist. He enjoys walking in the tides on the beach, seventies light rock and a good bottle of red wine on a stormy weekend.

He lives in Illinois with his cat Maddie.


(2021, hardbound, 128 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review