The Real World: 1861-1968

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The Real World: 1861-1968

by Tom Schleck




   This book is excellent for book reports, and supplementary reading in history courses. Students should love it.

   Should Timothy J. Sheehan have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor three times between 1862-1899 for his actions at Ridgley, Nashville, and Sugar Point? You decide. Did Sheehan save the U.S. from defeat in 1862?

   What about the 50,000 troops who died outside of Vietnam during the Vietnam era, and the 5,000,000 who never went to Vietnam?

   How did the post-war treatment of the “losers” after the U.S. Civil War set a bright light that contrasts sharply on how the gallant South Vietnamese were treated in their country after the Vietnam war?

   Seven obscure U.S. military veterans and one forgotten hero all born or buried in St. Paul, Minnesota trace U.S. wars from 1861 to the 1970’s.

   If all school kids know of the midnight ride of Paul Revere should they also know of the midnight march of Tim J. Sheehan?



(2022, paperback, 98 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review