The Natural Truth: A Spiritual Journey - PB

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The Natural Truth: A Spiritual Journey

By: Sigrid Suyo


About the Book

Our lives are a journey; sometimes we get stuck in one place afraid to move on. This book relates the passage through various stages of religious belief from faith and reverence, to doubt and disillusionment, to departure and loss, to open mindedness and re-examination, and finally to a natural spirituality of awareness and peace.


In telling her story, the author looked backward so she could look forward. She recognized how her staunch religious conditioning as a child prevented her from seeing the world as it is. Her path revealed much about the often unacknowledged spiritual characteristics of the certainty of life on Earth versus the uncertainty of life beyond the grave. There is no commandment for the adoration of our natural world; but there is much to praise.


The book’s examination of traditional religious practices and beliefs that guided the author for three decades of her life, is written with honesty and the occasional rhyming word. She does not attempt to persuade the reader but presents her insights with logic and forthrightness. Her viewpoint presents many questions to ponder about our religious beliefs and their value in our lives.


Like beauty, personal spiritualism, religiously inspired or otherwise, lives in the heart of the beholder. One need only take the time to look for its many sources. We all have misgivings about life and death. This book provides much to think about and much to value. Those who may be on the cusp of doubt about their religious beliefs, may find it inspirational and informative. Those happy with their spiritualism, may find it enlightening.


About the Author

Sigrid Suyo is a retired Corporate Management Development Specialist. She came to America as a child and is proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world. While she has written most of her life, she only recently decided to share her perspectives on living a fulfilling and happy life without religion. Besides her love for writing, the arts and the outdoors, she supports and promotes the natural world and all that lives in it.


(2022, paperback, 188 pages)

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