The Finger Fairy: The Adventures of Wryen and Wrylee

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The Finger Fairy: The Adventures of Wryen and Wrylee

By: Wryen M. Steele


About the Book

Little Wryen and Glenn are two young kids preparing for bed, when Glenn goes against what his grandfather says and, as a result, accidentally shuts the dresser drawer on his finger. His grandfather tries to get the young boy to stop crying by telling him about the Finger Fairy, who comes in the night to take the sore finger from young kids who have been bad and go to bed crying.

Later that night the Finger Fairy actually appears, and with her wand, removes Glenn's finger. The Fairy is about to leave when the grandfather suddenly comes into the room and catches the Finger Fairy about to fly out the window. The Fairy's name is Wrylee. Grampa makes Wrylee promise to return all the Fingers in her "Finger bag" to the kids before he will let her go. Wrylee promises to return the Fingers in the bag to the kids.   Grampa lets Wrylee go, and Wrylee, the little finger fairy flies out the window.


(2023, hardback, 26 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review