The Doofus and the Divine

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The Doofus and the Divine

by Darcy Phillips

About the Book

In the quiet, dying, sleepy town of Placard in Eastern Montana (objectively the boring side of the state), 19-year-old Oliver Digby wakes to find a stranger in his house. Emmanuel is no ordinary stranger, though. He can close windows and break doorknobs off doors with his mind. …Oh, and he claims to be the next Son of God. Mesmerized yet reluctant, Oliver decides to be this young savior’s guide to humanity, even though his dubious divine savior embark on a journey to discover their fate, and perhaps even save the world in the process. The Doofus and the Divine is a very humorous and yet thoughtful tale of two unlikely heroes and the very unlikely bond they come to share.


About the Author

Darcy Phillips from Connecticut has been an independent filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter and has won 2 Emmy awards. ‘Purpose is the electricity of the brain.’

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(2022, paperback, 516 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review