The Beach that Everyone Likes to Go To

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The Beach that Everyone Likes to Go To

by Estella D. Austin


The Beach that Everyone Likes to Go To grew from a student’s childhood memory of simple adventures at the beach. This charming portrayal of a day at the shore through the eyes of a child will make kids and parents laugh and smile. A surprise ending will delight young readers.


About the Author:

Estella D. Austin, who is especially trained in the Montessori Method of teaching, has an associate degree in early childhood education and taught young children for more than fifteen years. After completing Montessori training she was involved with planning, creating, and starting a Montessori school in her neighborhood. Estella tutored local students and was involved with summer youth programs. She continues to support the youth in her neighborhood, volunteering as a board member for the local fair helping to organize events that raise money for scholarships for graduating students.

                  Estella enjoys the outdoors, painting, sewing, and writing. She also loves to craft which allows her to create unique works of art. Her greatest joy is spending time with her four children and eight grandchildren.


(2022, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review