Tennis, Drugs, and Jesus Christ: The Eric Miller True Story

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Tennis, Drugs, and Jesus Christ: The Eric Miller True Story

By: Eric Miller


About the Book

This book is about a hard-partying Oklahoma, USA tennis family that went from Atheism to Christianity. This book is about how much I love Rock ‘n’ Roll music and comedy. I did my best trying to get all the dates and facts correct, but they’re not perfect. Here is a sociological fact: if one parent is chemically dependent, their children have a fifty percent chance of being chemically dependent. If both parents are chemically dependent, their children have a 75 percent chance of being chemically dependent. The Miller family nailed it. Both parents were chemically dependent. Three out of four of their children were chemically dependent. The Miller family's life is part tragedy and part comedy. Please laugh as hard as you want. Drug abuse is a nightmare. I am not glamorizing drug use in my book. Warning! I have severe ADHD. I've been in special Ed classes my whole life. I've never passed an English class in my life. I'm not a writer, I did my best. I hope you enjoy the Miller family true story.            

About the Author

Hello warriors. My name is Eric Miller. I'm a white liberal, tennis loving, recovering drug addict, trying to let God run my life, good dude. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1966. I grew up in Norman Oklahoma the land of OU sooner football. I was an average NAIA college tennis player for East Central University in Ada Oklahoma. I taught tennis professionally in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for a long time. I now live in Estes Park Colorado, at close to 8,000 feet. I live with my best friend, my 75-pound, female, deaf dog named Prudence. I've never had children or been married. I'm 100 percent for civil rights for all. Not just for white American males.


(2023, paperback, 140 pages)

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    Tennis Drugs and Jesus Christ the Eric Miller true story

    Posted by Eric Miller on Aug 2nd 2023

    This book is a mind-blowing true story about drug addiction, insanity, prison, overdose death, all while being a big tennis family in Oklahoma. I taught Tennis professionally in Oklahoma City for 25 years and the last 10 years of teaching I was massively addicted to crack cocaine. I should have died 10 times over but God has a higher plan for me. This book should be selling big but nobody knows it exists. It would be a great movie!!!!