Supernal: Book I, The Lithidia Chronicles

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Supernal: Book I, The Lithidia Chronicles 

By: Bethany Bright


About the Book


In the first installment in the Lithidia Chronicles, this fantasy adventure teaches us that where you come

from and what you have done does not determine who you are and all the possibilities that you can

become. With real world dilemmas caught in a fantasy twist, realistic and relatable characters, Zoe, Lisa,

and Marabella, are caught in physical and mental battles. These siblings fight to discover who they are

and how to stay connected, despite the changes forced upon them.

About the Author


Bethany Bright is born and raised an Arizonan. No matter how many times she tries to leave the Sonoran

Desert, she can't stay away. She currently resides in a tiny apartment in Gilbert with her amazing

husband and an imaginary cat. When she isn't creating worlds out of words, she enjoys eating and



(2022, paperback, 350 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review