Sun Needs a Holiday

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Sun Needs a Holiday

By: Dr. Zee


About the Book

This is a funny and imaginative Children’s story about our Sun wishing to take a holiday after trillions of years dedicated to Earth and its surrounding solar system. The Sun’s name is Rayer. “I have a name and it’s Rayer. SUN is only a title. It is what I do - - it’s my job, NOT my name.” Rayer put planet earth on notice. Extremely tired, Rayer wants a much-deserved holiday!

About the Author

Dr. Zee is a licensed social worker living in the Midwest. She has written other children's books: If You Give a Fox Rabbits and Why the Alligator Got in Our Bathtub. She spends her spare time enjoying an abundance of laughter with an equal amount of kindness. 


(2022, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review