Step by Step: Be Transformed Through Romans 12

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Step by Step: Be Transformed Through Romans 12

By: Helen L. Ross


About the Book

Step by Step: Be Transformed Through Romans 12 is a collection of understandable lessons to help us live in the will of God, mind, body, and soul. These biblical lessons derived from Romans, Chapter 12 is based on today's interpretation of how we live our daily lives. By incorporating these steps as a way of life, whether one at a time or many, you will discover that you are living in a manner that is in God's will therefore bringing you closer to Him than ever before.


About the Author

Helen L. Ross is an ordained Elder in ministry and has been preaching since 1996. She earned certification as a Biblical Counselor from Light University. Helen's unharnessed hunger to see women empowered in their walk with God created a website known as "God's Woman II" which addresses issues of interest concerning women. When she's not teaching adults and children, she enjoys writing, reading, crafts, sewing, designing quilt tops. Helen retired from thirty years in the banking industry and five years as a real estate agent. She is a wife to the love of her life, Roger Ross, and mother of three sons: George, Daniel, Jason, and grandmother (Nana) to six children.


(2022, paperback, 120 pages)

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