Stacey's Journey: Parts One and Two.

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Stacey's Journey: Parts One and Two.

By: Pam Betts


About the Book

Stacey’s Journey follows the struggles, adjustments, and lessons learned in the young life of Stacey Peterson after losing her best friend Jenny to cancer. Stacey must deal with staying by Jenny’s side through her harsh medical treatments, good days and bad, as a good friend would. After, Stacey must navigate life without Jenny and learn how to move forward toward her own future, how to live, love, laugh, and cherish all that lay ahead while fondly remembering and honoring her friend Jenny.

About the Author

Pam Betts has a loving, caring husband, and is the mom to three beautiful children. She lives in a small community in Iowa. Betts grew up in small towns and loves the small-town life. Betts has two dogs who are absolutely spoiled. She enjoys reading when she can sneak away and do so. Recently, she returned to writing. In school she had always loved to write. Betts likes to journal, write short stories, long stories, poetry, and ECT. She is starting out in self-publishing to get her name out there. Please take a look at her books and enjoy!


(2023, paperback, 64 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review