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By: Alvin Martin


About the Book

Louie the leopard is different. He’s spotless and is ridiculed and shunned by the other animals in the rain forest animal Olympics. However, through an unexpected encounter with an unlikely friend, Louie learns to appreciate his “uniqueness.”

     Spotless is a children’s book about friendship, courage, and overcoming challenges. The messages of “being who you are,” “appreciating your differences,” learning to appreciate the “diversity” among us, is certainly relevant in today’s world. The author hopes readers will take away the message that no matter how “different” we are, we still have so much in common that links us together.


About the Author

Alvin Martin is an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California. He’s celebrating twenty years of service. He loves reading, music, poetry, and theater arts. Martin is the great-grandfather of three wonderful great-grandchildren. Family is everything. He has a large family from New Orleans, Louisiana that he hasn’t seen since he was small and whom he also dedicates this book to.


(2022, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review