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by James H. Smith IV

When Paulie Drake, a vibrant and generous, smart little girl, moves with her family to Sanhedrin, her father Vernon plans to build them a better life—literally—as an architect employed by one of the country’s freedmen’s towns looking to expand during a time of prosperity.   

Yes, life in Sanhedrin will surely be better for her and her family.   

But this notion of a better life shatters when Paulie finds herself the victim of a witch’s curse—one that threatens the peace and well-being of the town of Sanhedrin, and all the people in it. Can she break the curse, or will darkness consume her and the town?

About the Author

James H. Smith IV was born in Lincoln, NE, and graduated from the University of NE Lincoln. He is a proud descendent of a rural black town in the Midwest.  

Over the years, Smith listened to multiple stories told by family members, living and deceased, and decided to create a story. Spook was born from these stories. 

(2022, paperback, 172 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review