Some Experiences Too Wild To Believe

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Some Experiences Too Wild To Believe

by Shirley Bates

Some Experiences Too Wild to Believe: And Others is a collection of poetry mainly about Shirley Bates’ experiences and also Trump, the blue people of Kentucky, Easter, and sailing in Cowes, England.


Shirley’s adventures were unusual. Much of her book is about her travels alone around the world, mainly east of Europe. Her experiences yacht racing on San Francisco Bay are included. She has travelled around Europe for three months on a tour after college and can say that travelling alone is a different can of worms. Perhaps after reading her poems you also will get the travel bug!


About the Author

Shirley Bates is a political person. She ran for Republican County Central Committee in San Francisco and was glad not to win, for she dropped out of the Republican Party when the tea party took over. For 59 years she has raced a sailboat on San Francisco Bay and has many trophies.


Shirley also used to snow ski every other weekend and currently she plays tennis, swims, and belongs to a poetry group.


(2022, paperback, 46 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review