Snowy Imprints

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Snowy Imprints

By: Heather Edwards


About the Book


One very cold, special morning, a little girl wakes up to a mesmerizing world of snow. Amazed by the beauty of the snowy guest, she begins to receive messages, or imprints, from the snow as she plays in wonder of earth’s creation. Imprints of love, peace, power, purity, forgiveness, and trust are etched in her heart.

Snowy Imprints is a reminder that each new day is filled with opportunities to practice lessons of respect, love, trust, and forgiveness and make lasting and meaningful connections with others in the beauty of earth’s wonders.


About the Author


Heather R. Edwards is an educator with the New York City Department of Education. Her hobbies include crocheting and jewelry making. You can find her blog, Eternal Treasures, online. She writes so that one generation will be able to proclaim the goodness of God to the next generation.


About the Illustrator


Darlynn S. Stender enjoys painting and fishing.


(2022, hardback, 38 pages)


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"What a wonderful story! This Snowy Imprints is a beautiful story of love! God's truths are woven into this captivating tale of a young girl amazed by a recent snowfall. The illustrations are soft and comforting. It is a great addition to any collection!"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review