Roses Are Deadly

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Roses Are Deadly

By: Katie Loftis


About the Book

 A small-town librarian, stuck in the throes of a torturous relationship in which escape seems like a dream, is too proud to admit the truth behind the bruises. When a random stranger steps in to help her, everyone seems relieved. But can she stay away from the toxicity of her past? Will she ever truly be free?

            Follow Molly’s journey as she tries to escape the wrenches of a dark lover’s grasp.
And remember: Watch out for thorns on roses…


About the Author

Katie Loftis is a small-town woman who has spent her life devoted to the lives of others. A loving mother to four grown children and a proud grandmother to many more, she has been writing for 30 years and plans to publish more works in the future.


(2022, paperback, 88 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review