Ron: A Coke Alley Boy

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Ron: A Coke Alley Boy

By:  Ron Paliskis


Ron Paliskis grew up on the other side of the tracks with low self-esteem. Yet throughout his youth, he was able to have quite a few adventures. Overcoming a stutter, slight dyslexia, and a penchant for illness, Paliskis ended up having himself quite the coming-of-age tale. From the deepest forests of Canada to the alleys behind the factories, Paliskis will take you on his journey as a Coke Alley boy. 


About the Author

Ron Paliskis was an altar boy and Life Scout growing up. He later became an Air Force Veteran, a coach of a youth sports complex, and president of the Pop Warner Youth Football section of the complex. 

(2021, paperback, 176 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review