Robo Gamma

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Robo Gamma

By: Cam Fratus


About the Book


A robot finds himself in a simulation and finds his way out. In the real world, he discovers he was created by humans under the “Space Dropa” Corporation. Robo Gamma confronts his creator, causing more chaos along the way.
Filled with colorful and whacky characters, Robo Gamma is a humorous and action-packed story told in comic format with exciting illustrations and a powerful message of being your own person (or robot!).


About the Author


Fun-loving Cam Fratus only wishes for the best for all people. As a shy child, he found himself being most comfortable with the kids sitting alone, allowing him to form a new connection. He was more interested in learning about a single person than paying attention to a crowd of people. He hopes Robo Gamma can reach out to similar kids today who find themselves meeting and making new friends and with interests in comics and music.


(2021, paperback, 120 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review