Robinson International Leadership Presents "Heal" - eBook

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Robinson International Leadership Presents "Heal"

By: Leonard T. Robinson


About the Book

Leonard T. Robinson’s Heal walks readers through affirmative mindsets and self-awareness exercises that form the foundation of productive professional behavior. The book is organized into chapters that double as life lessons, each of which lays out an easy-to-follow recipe for overcoming subconscious blocks and strengthening positive thinking.

Robinson’s ethos is demonstrated through a blend of self-awareness wisdom, business anecdotes, social observations and even biblical allegory. The continuous, colorful metaphors bring his advice to life and provide countless ways for readers to put his words into action.

Drawing from his own success in the business world, as well as his loving family relationships, Robinson shares unique insights into the ways your attitude is made manifest in your day-to-day existence. Change the attitude, change your life.


About the Author

From class clown to corporate leader, Leonard T. Robinson learned to harness his own enthusiasm for business success and a beneficial lifestyle, and he wants his readers to know that they have positive options in work as well as life. Robinson, the youngest of ten children, was taught from an early age to be proactive and work for what you want—principles that he then instilled in his own children. Now he’s sharing his knowledge, experience and confidence with others, as a tribute to his family.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review