Quincy the Koala: The Search For An Answer

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Quincy the Koala: The Search For An Answer

By:  Patrick Hardy

About the Book

Quincy is a curious Koala who learns of his species’ history, their near extinction, and ultimate placement in nature preserves. He sets out to answer the question: “How can the living things of the world live together?” He meets Lord and Lady Whale, the Dalai Panda, King Rufus the XXII, and others across the world. He finally is taught by Grandfather Redwood who encourages him to dream of a different future through the eyes of special children. Quincy’s story encourages young readers to live in harmony with all living things and to respect all life.

About the Author

Patrick Hardy has been a college professor and chaplain, a Presbyterian minister, a licensed therapist, a mental health administrator, and the father of three grown sons. He makes his home in the soft mountains of western North Carolina with his precious wife.

(2022, hardback, 28 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review