By N.C. Bethea
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Stranded. Niac Jace found himself in an empty house with no sign of life around. With only a note written on yellow parchment paper to go by, Niac is led on a truly extraordinary adventure that includes being abducted by a contraption that transports him into another world.

Come along with Niac as he explores the world of Amouro, where people and creatures are unlike anything he’s ever seen and where technology is advanced beyond recognition.

This is a journey like no other, where new experiences, new friends and enemies, and a special entity guiding him along his way are all part of Niac’s path to personal fulfillment and his ultimate purpose.

About the Author

N.C. Bethea was just twenty-one when, struggling with homelessness, he wrote Zopolis, his first book. Namhar is currently working on opening his own business.

He enjoys producing music in his spare time.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 224