Zombie X: Season 1

By Logan Christopher
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This is a story about second chances. People tend to view others by their mistakes or by things that they may not even be able to prevent. Looking at the positive as opposed to the negative could bring about valuable change in an individual or group. As a society, we need to learn to be tolerant and compassionate.

This important lesson is told against the backdrop of an apocalyptic world, where humans are desperately protecting their race against the growing threat of zombies. When forced to confront one of their own who has turned, the question arises – what makes us human?

About the Author

Logan Christopher received his Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Music in 2010 and his Master of Arts in Theater, Music, and Education in 2011. He has also written a children’s musical, which is published, called A Wolf’s Tale. He loves sci-fi and is a huge Aliens and Star Wars fan. Besides writing, he loves music and plays many instruments. He plays in three different praise and Worship bands.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 92