Zoey And Kathy

By Mrs. Taylor
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Zoey and Kathy: The Gifted Series

Zoey and Kathy are gifted children with extraordinary powers that allow them to understand what is right and wrong and make wise, rational decisions as a result.

As the girls’ abilities are discovered, conflicts arise with the Zane family, with some family members focused on possessing the children and using them for their own personal advantage and other family members fighting to keep them safe. Will Zoey and Kathy be able to use the Denaughtoo to face these difficulties while choosing the righteous path?

About the Author

Mrs. Taylor is an artist and has been an art teacher for twenty years. Her passions include helping communities, ministering to others, and recycling old to create new. Mrs. Taylor has been married for thirty-three years and has two sons and three grandchildren.

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"Zoey & Kathy," The Gifted Series by Mrs. Taylor is a wonderful story of hope for the survival of mankind. It is innocence versus evil. As the story unfolds you will fall in love with the two girls who discover their unique talents. Will they survive or will they be destroyed by the evil that surrounds them? The book is well written, and readers will anxiously await the sequel to continue the journey of the girls and their families. If you enjoyed the Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson you will definitely enjoy this series”. - Karen Leming Graves

Published: 2022
Page Count: 188