Zoe & Chloe

By Erin N. Sanchez
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Zoe & Chloe: The Start of an Unlikely Friendship

Zoe and Chloe couldn’t be more different—one’s a cat, and one’s a dog! For anyone who’s ever heard the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs,” this seems like a combination that just won’t work. In spite of their differences, can an unlikely friendship form?

About the Author

Erin N. Sanchez grew up in Syracuse, NY, with a passion for two things: animals and writing. She began writing poetry and short stories when she was in elementary school, with her first poem being published at just 11 years old. Her fascination with writing led her to study journalism and a bit of graphic design briefly in college, before she uprooted herself to Sarasota, FL, where she currently resides with her husband and furbabies: a Boston Terrier, two twin Siamese cats; and her fur-less turtle. Their full household has provided she and her husband with more love and laughter than they could ever imagine. There truly is never a dull moment at the Sanchez household—unless it’s nap time, of course. Sanchez is currently focusing all her energy on combining her passions through her book(s).

Published: 2022
Page Count: 36