Zilch To Zenith

By Johanne G. Bellehumeur
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Young children are often shy and reserved when they are unsure of their abilities and skills. Such is the case with a young calf who starts out without even a name to identify himself. But Lilun, as the calf comes to be known, trains to carry a cowboy in the bull-riding competition, he finally learns what he is capable of and earns the self-confidence to succeed! Zilch to Zenith is a charming tale of determination, the value of mentorship, and the joy of acceptance. Besides its insightful moral, Zilch to Zenith also presents a language lesson; presented in a unique four-language format, it simultaneously tells the story in Spanish, French, Portugais, and English. As young readers witness Lilun rise to the high point in his young life, they will learn the value of perseverance and open their minds to our multi-lingual world.

About the Author

Johanne G. Bellehumeur was born in the small village of St-Placide-de-Barn, Qubec, Canada, where summer and winter sports and the spirit of competition played an important role in life. Working as a ranch hand on a thousand-acre ranch, rodeo and horse racing also became a part of life. A licensed massage therapist, horse lady, and farm owner, she is also a member of the United States Trotting Association and Canadian Trotting Association. She also enjoys professional bull riding, bird watching, tai chi, and fishing.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 66