Zachary And The Squirrel Bath

By Karen Singleton Hisaw
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When Zachary sees a muddy squirrel in his Nana’s yard, he decides the squirrel should take a bath with him and his rubber duckie. Zach is very resourceful and nearly manages to lure the squirrel into the bathtub. But Nana has different ideas! Now she has to get the squirrel out of the bathroom.

This cute and entertaining story is perfect for bedtime—or even bath time!

About the Author

Karen Singleton Hisaw grew up in a small town in Northwest Indiana, and she has always enjoyed writing. She has two children and five grandchildren. As a working mom, Karen did not always have time to read a bedtime story. So, she would make up stories for her children, often using whatever events may have happened in their day. As a grandmother, Karen decided to write a story about each of her grandchildren and little adventures they had with their Nana. Karen enjoys spending time by the lake writing, walking in the woods and spending time in nature, whenever possible.

Karen’s oldest granddaughter is very artistic and worked as the book’s illustrator. This has been a fun and challenging journey for both of them!

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 28