Your Financial 'Perp' Walk: Millennial-Friendly Personal Finance

By Prester Khan
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Many personal finance books concentrate on turning the average person into a professional investor or turning their financial lives around, giving as much information as possible. But success depends on how well you learn and implement what you have learned. It’s not guaranteed!

Prester Khan’s blueprint for personal financial success is written for the average person to instantly understand and be able to execute. Instead of turning the average person into a professional investor, Khan tailors finance for the average investor, creating a guide short enough to memorize and read several times. The success rate of a reader who commits to this blueprint will be high—just look inside and see.

About the Author

After studying and getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Prester Khan discovered sales and marketing weren’t for him. So, he turned to studying finance and international finance in graduate school. Ever since, he’s been working at financial software companies and banks of varying sizes and types.

Finance has been in Khan’s life for nearly 30 years. He’s used and supported specialized software to manage banks and also developed spreadsheet and database tools for outright finance or in support of specialized software. Over the years, Khan has read all kinds of finance books from personal finance, economics, business strategy, and portfolio management.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 32

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Personal finance

To the point and easy to read. The anagrams are easy to remember. I really liked the highlighting of the values and skills that are developed in the process of saving and investing for retirement.