Your Day Will Come

By Vera Libal
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Having lived a varied life of diverse experiences, Vera Libal shares some defining moments that greatly impacted her personally and professionally in Your Day Will Come. Opening with the story of how she met her first husband, she relates how she was drawn into a whirlwind relationship and quickly blinded to his faults by her overwhelming love for him. She continues with the story of their divorce and how she lost custody of her first son through the deceitful machinations of her untrustworthy attorney, then suffered an abortion at the hands of her self-centered boyfriend, furthering her heartbreak. She closes with the story of her beloved pets, Lab and Fluffy, and the impact they have had on her life and faith as she shared her home and job with them. Through these snapshots of her life, we learn of Veras determination and unwavering faith that God will right the wrongs she has suffered and that, indeed, he day did come.

About the Author

A native of Vienna, Austria, Vera Libal has lived in the United States for the last fifty years. Presently retired, she enjoys dancing and walking in her spare time.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 16