Young And In Love: Young And In Love Series

By Anna Johnston
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As children of rock stars, Roxanne and James are not growing up like your average teenagers. They’ve been best friends from an early age, they’re schooled online, and have plenty of money at their disposal. However, as they enter puberty, their feelings begin to shift, and life on a cramped tour bus doesn’t exactly make things easy for their budding love.

Young and In Love is the first in a series and follows all the relationships of this big, touring musical family through all their loss, pain, joy, rage, passion, and other big changes, like new members and even the birth of a new band. Through it all, they may learn that even in your darkest moments, you can still find lifetime friends and there is always that one person in your life who will stand by you no matter what. Love conquers all.

About the Author

Anna Johnston is married to her amazing husband. They met in elementary school band, and he has been in and out of her life ever since. The last time their paths crossed, he asked her to marry him, and they have been together for eight and half years. They have two amazing kids. Anna has anxiety and depression, so some days are better than others for her, but her mother is always there no matter what. Anna’s father is also a huge supporter of her art and writing. She has an older sister, and she is Anna’s role model. Then there is her younger sister who always brightens her day. Anna’s hobbies are writing her stories and pretty much anything to do with art. Johnston explains, “Sometimes I get the ideas for my books and art from dreams and sometimes it is just a random thought or song.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 336