You May Have The Universe

By L. Sparklingwater
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About the Book

You May Have the Universe

Sparklingwater did a lot of things right here. The characters especially are well defined; they have real dimension and individuality. Strong characters are the main driving force of any good story. Scenes have a powerful sense of ambiance and a generous use of sensory detail, making them compelling and evocative. You May Have the Universe articulates insight into the human condition and makes the story rich and multifaceted.
-Tom Hyman, author of Jupiter's Daughter

Laura Alexander, living near Milan, Italy, who wants to rescue her boss, confronts ghostly secrets of the Western and mid-Eastern worlds, and finds redemption through adventure. She defends herself, friends, and the free world, with proponents of perhaps the greatest invention of the last two centuries. Laura takes readers on a resolute path through danger, intrigue, and betrayal. She will need all her wits and her most dormant trait, fearlessness, to survive. You May Have the Universe is just the first of Laura's upcoming adventures.

About the Author

L. Sparklingwater is a penname. The author has been a Rotary International Fellow and Ambassador of Good Will in South America, Golden Poet in San Francisco, award poet of the International Society of Poets in Washington, D.C., the Dallas Association of Bilingual Educators' Secondary Bilingual/ESL Teacher of the Year, and adjunct college instructor in Europe and Texas.

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, the author studied at Gonzaga University and has a B.A. and M.A. in Spanish from the University of Montana in Missoula, and a B.A. in German from the University of Texas in Arlington.

The lifetime educator, poet, and novelist knows that national security of the 21st century will depend on human capital, with strength in science, technology, and foreign language. Residing currently in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, the global resident spends time with family and friends in the States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 236