You Just Can’t Make This Sh*t Up: Extremely Comical And Unbelievably True Memoirs Of A Childhood, Adolescence, And Adulthood

By Dr. Dominique Marie Fufidio
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Author Dominique Fufidio wanted to write a book, but about what?

While reading the first couple chapters of the autobiography by comedian Kevin Hart, she was inspired reading stories about his father. This prompted her to break out her computer and write the first chapter of You Just Can’t Make This Sh*t Up. Dominique started to write a story of childhood, the story of her childhood, all stories that involved her dad. These short stories are the same she had been telling for years, entertaining others while letting them into her life. Dominique’s childhood memoirs made her the life of every party and her father a legend.

Many wish to meet her dad, now all can know the stories of Dominique Fufidio, her childhood, and her experiences centralized around her father. If you didn’t know these stories are recollections of memories and experiences, you wouldn’t believe them to be true, they are just flat-out absurd. These stories are so far out of the norm of how children are raised, how people behave, you really just can’t make this sh*t up.

About the Author

Dr. Dominique Marie Fufidio lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Matthew, and two dog babies. She owned and sold her successful dental practice, is a retired competitive athlete, coach, mentor, and good friend. Dominique wrote this book around the time of her ten-year wedding anniversary, dedicating it to Matt.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 204